#305 – Akira The Don

Speaker 1: (00:07)
Get it.

Sevan Matossian: (00:09)
All right. How to send in. Bam. We’re live just, uh, I guess, I guess the parents I’m bam. We’re live. Okay. You guys ready? Here are the do, where is it? You wait, you’re Caleb. You’re C beaver. We’re not a cure that Don. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Um, Caleb, are you familiar with quick time?

Caleb: (00:33)
Mm. I can’t say that. I am.

Sevan Matossian: (00:35)
You should be able to go in there and put export as, and, and, and transform it to a, Uh, oh, And poor. But for some reason, mine doesn’t have that. I wonder what’s going on. I wanted to play this video that I, I ripped off of YouTube. Let me see if I can play it here real quick, but I wanted to upload it into that brand folder on stream yard. And instead, this is all I got right here. This is the best I,

Speaker 4: (01:15)
I, At the core. And can I can’t say to him

Speaker 5: (01:26)
If you don’t know who you are, if you dunno who youre, I can’t tell you who youre you, you, if you don’t know who you are, if you who you are, I can’t tell you who you honestly, um,

Sevan Matossian: (01:51)
Bam. I care the Dawn. Have you ever seen any of this stuff?

Caleb: (01:55)
Uh, I’ve just scrolling through in the past couple days. I just, I I’ve never seen it myself, but I like it.

Sevan Matossian: (02:00)
Yeah. It’s it’s, it’s pretty cool. It’s pretty cool. It’s it’s moving the Jordan Peterson. Stuff’s outta this world.

Caleb: (02:10)
Yeah. So it’s, uh, it’s an interesting, like, I guess mashup, if you wanna call it that.

Sevan Matossian: (02:15)
Yeah. I wonder if he, he would take events to that. Oh, oh. Trying to get in. Oh, here we go. He says he is trying to get in, uh, trying to get in stream guards, hanging currently hanging. Hmm.

Caleb: (02:28)
I wonder if he’s using, if he’s on his phone, can’t use it on Google Chrome. He’ll have to do it on safari.

Sevan Matossian: (02:34)
Oh really? Okay. I’ll tell him, I’ll

Caleb: (02:38)
Tell him that’s. If he’s on his phone now,

Sevan Matossian: (02:41)
Uh, let see On your phone, you need safari on computer.

Caleb: (02:55)
There he is. Oh,

Sevan Matossian: (02:57)
My bad, my bad.

Akira the Don: (02:59)

Sevan Matossian: (03:00)
I, I just didn’t get the message off to Kira in time, dude. You’re faster than I am. Good morning, Mr. Mr. Dawn. Good morning.

Akira the Don: (03:09)
Diman how

Sevan Matossian: (03:10)
Mo Mo Mo

Akira the Don: (03:13)
Bien. Oh, Good. Uh, how’s levels in, is this loud enough?

Sevan Matossian: (03:19)

Akira the Don: (03:20)
Sexy. Nice.

Sevan Matossian: (03:22)
The only, the only way we do it. I wonder if I can share this over here. Start to show like this. Uh, it’s one of my, one of our friends. Darn darn, darn darn. One of our friends sent me something to kill. It’s a, uh, they’re hot sauce. They’re stickers of hot sauce.

Akira the Don: (03:43)

Sevan Matossian: (03:43)
Yeah. Let me see. Are those yours? You made those?

Akira the Don: (03:47)
No, I don’t. I don’t make hot sauce yet. I mean, it’s on the bucket list.

Sevan Matossian: (03:52)
No, I, I, I mean the, uh, uh, I mean these stickers, I probably should be showing my email, but have you seen that?

Akira the Don: (04:00)
No, I haven’t even seen this as stickers. Someone, someone in the community made though, like made one of those as like a, as a picture. Yeah. I remember seeing that as a picture. I did not know that existed as stickers. That’s that’s wonderful. It sounds to be alive.

Sevan Matossian: (04:15)
Yes. Um, we started the show with, um, your release that you did last night. You know, we played, uh, 50 seconds of it with, uh, Goggins. And who’s the other gentleman? The white dude.

Akira the Don: (04:27)
Oh, that’s Tom bill. You

Sevan Matossian: (04:28)
Tom bill. You Tom.

Akira the Don: (04:30)
Yeah, he, I mean, he, he doesn’t speak on the track, but he, uh, facilitated the conversation. He facilitates a lot of conversations, you know, he’s one, he’s one of those conversation facilitates O that, uh, are so prevalent in the modern world.

Sevan Matossian: (04:42)
I understand. They vary. Um,

Akira the Don: (04:46)
He’s good. He got like, he got some of the best stuff out of Gogans I ever heard.

Sevan Matossian: (04:51)
Is he, is he, uh, is he from your part of the world? Is he British dude?

Akira the Don: (04:54)
Nah, he’s American dude. He does that. He does a show called impact theory. Um, yeah. So it is the whole, like what impact? I think his, his question and his kind of thing is what impact do you wanna have on the world? Or some is, is like how it’s underlined, but, uh, he’s big right now.

Sevan Matossian: (05:14)
Like, um, like what, what, what influenced you more the twin towers or uncle buck sneaking into your room when year seven? Like 2, 2, 2 different kind of impacts, but both could be like, just what

Akira the Don: (05:25)
Can impact you. Yes. What have in the world now, one of those is easier to pull off than the other, you know what I mean? So respect by respect is due.

Sevan Matossian: (05:33)
Do you know? Um, are, are you in LA still?

Akira the Don: (05:36)
No, man, I haven’t been in LA for a long time. I’m in Mexico.

Sevan Matossian: (05:39)
No. Well. I haven’t been doing my research. Good. Then when did you go to Mexico?

Akira the Don: (05:46)
I’ve been in Mexico since last may, but I left, I left LA like two months after all the kicked off in 2020. Cause I could see which way the wind was blowing. And I went to Texas, which we didn’t thinking about doing for a while anyway. So I was in Texas for a year. Um, and then the, uh, us government immigration system conspired to have me move to Mexico

Sevan Matossian: (06:08)
Because those were kind of your choices, Mexico, or go back to the UK.

Akira the Don: (06:12)
No, I had a new visa approved. I had a new oh one, an alien of extraordinary ability visa approved because of Tom Hanks and the communist Chinese and all their skullduggery. Uh, wait, you have to, like, once you get it approved, you have to go out the country, go to a embassy, get it stamped, come back in again. Right. Normally that’s like a a week or takes a week or something. Right. Uh, but due to the, uh, machinations, Tom Hank and all those widows, uh, there’s like massive. Waitlists like, it was like six months to a year to get an embassy appointment, but they’re like, right, you have to get out the country now, like right now this week type thing and go find yourself an appointment somewhere. Maybe you can get one in Russia or Mexico or whatever. And I thought, well, I always wanna go to Mexico. It’s it’s very beautiful. Uh, the weather is good. Let me go to Mexico. So I went to Mexico and then we couldn’t get an appointment until this was, uh, this time. This was like a year ago. And there was no appointments till 2022. You know,

Sevan Matossian: (07:10)
This is nuts. It’s fascinating to me. I want, I wanna hear more about Tom Hanks in a second, but it’s fascinating to me that someone like you, who’s jumping through all the proper, who has to wait a year and yet if you would’ve done handled your and you’re not being rewarded at all, but there’s people who are doing, um, illegally. Um, and, and yeah, everyone’s just come and go as they please.

Akira the Don: (07:30)
Yeah. Everyone’s like just go at the border and like, you know, do two of those people do, um, it’s yeah. So hilarious. I’ve ended up going the other way and Mexico. Uh, and it’s very nice. It’s actually delightful. Uh, you know, and like now the problem is now I’ve got an appointment, but now they don’t let you in the us, if you are like, uh, UN vaccinated, like, uh, really all that kind of going on out. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. People don’t realize that you’re actually not allowed to go to the United States America. Uh, if you’re UN vaccinated, it’s a thing.

Sevan Matossian: (08:04)
Got it. So going on, it’s so crazy. You think they’re ever gonna lift that?

Akira the Don: (08:08)
What’s that, it’s funny that I wonder about all this stuff, right? Cause uh, certain things are moving in certain countries, but that seems to be out of, um, necessity. The UK dropped their stuff cuz they were having a massive scandal and had they not, they would’ve been dragged out onto the streets and kicked and beaten. So they said, Hey, we’ve beat Tom he’s disease. And everyone goes, oh, heroes and forgets that the British government was having massive sexy parties while everyone else was confined to their houses, like little, little prison slaves, you know what I mean? Uh, so it depends on what was beneficial for the government, what they, what they relinquish. It would seem bear in mind, you know, September 11th, it was a long time ago and we still gotta take our shoes off at the airport.

Sevan Matossian: (08:50)

Akira the Don: (08:50)
Right. You know what I mean? Certain things do not get turned back around. Other things do. So it’s pretty much down to what people put up with. You know, the amount of tyranny you get is exactly the amount. Uh, you accept right

Sevan Matossian: (09:04)
Before we go any further in case we get lost in the show, which could be very easily, could be a fun, fun way of holding hands with, uh, Mr. Don and running into the maze and getting lost. I want to tell you, you need to go to this gentleman’s, uh, YouTube account. You can also see him on Spotify. I don’t spend time on Spotify, but I would go to his YouTube account and I would start digging through, uh, I, and I would start, you could start at the top, hit videos and go back in order. You can go back to his early days. He is a creative powerhouse. He, um, is, is oozing with creativity. It’s, it’s, it’s a like pretty obvious and then make sure you go over to his Wiki page also. And uh, and, and check out the history. This is a, uh,

Akira the Don: (09:44)
I dunno how accurate that is. I, I haven’t looked at it for many years.

Sevan Matossian: (09:47)
This is a seasoned man. Who’s bringing a, a lot of different, uh, pieces to the table and it’s really, really fun it. And if you re, if you really wanna see some just cool, um, there are two interviews online, at least two, four, probably four. He has been on Jordan Peterson’s podcast and Jordan Peterson has been on his podcast. And then Aaron, Eric, uh, um, he interviews Eric, um, w Weinstein

Akira the Don: (10:14)
Weinstein. Yeah. Who

Sevan Matossian: (10:15)
Is that? Bretts brother?

Akira the Don: (10:16)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sevan Matossian: (10:18)

Akira the Don: (10:19)
Yeah. He was kinda, It was funny just came by my studio one day and I just like switched on the streaming stuff. So like,

Sevan Matossian: (10:28)
Yeah. You know, it’s funny it’s 19 eight. It’s it’s 19, uh, or it’s 2018. But, um, and, and one of the things you guys talk about is how fast things are moved. It’s 2018 the interview. But when you look at the equipment, for some reason, it feels like it’s like 1984, you know what I mean? Just like that’s how far equipment’s come.

Akira the Don: (10:47)
Well, it’s also, cause I run everything through VHS filters and old TVs and like that. Yeah. Um, so, so my always looks old, which, uh, you know, covers up many since. Have you got a Twitter?

Sevan Matossian: (10:59)
I, uh, I don’t know if I have a, uh,

Akira the Don: (11:01)
In fact that as a no, then I was just gonna tweet this out, but I was gonna, I was gonna at you if you’re, um,

Sevan Matossian: (11:06)
I think I have a Twitter, but I only just occasionally I just, just repost other people’s stuff who are hating on. If you hate on closures, I’ll repost your stuff.

Akira the Don: (11:16)
Okay. That’s cool. Cheeto.

Sevan Matossian: (11:18)
Um, where in Mexico are you?

Akira the Don: (11:20)
I’m in play Del Carmen right now.

Sevan Matossian: (11:23)

Akira the Don: (11:24)
In the play Del Carman. It’s in the Yucatan on the, like on the right side.

Sevan Matossian: (11:30)
And you’re there with your son?

Akira the Don: (11:32)
Uh, my wife. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Sevan Matossian: (11:33)
Yeah. And your son’s name is Hercules

Akira the Don: (11:35)
That’s right? My son’s name is Hercules.

Sevan Matossian: (11:37)
Yeah. And how’s,

Akira the Don: (11:38)
He’s at, he’s at the, uh, he’s at the vet right now. He, he manifested himself a cat. So we’re in tech. He always wanted a pet, but we kept like, not being able to have one cause of our live situations we’re in Texas and he really wanted a cat. You know, he wanted a ginger cat specifically like a little redheaded cat, you know? And, um, we’re out here and this exactly. Yeah. Well, you know, he is gotta recompense for all the ones that’re getting removed from popular culture. And uh, he, this little ginger cat just started hanging outside the place we’re staying in and he would just run up to Hercules when he got back and rub up his leg. So, um, they let us adopt the cat and he’s with the cat right now, uh, at the, at the vet and the cat moves in officially today. You know? So he’s a very happy little boy. He manifested himself a little redheaded, cat, little Mexican L Gasso.

Sevan Matossian: (12:28)
Yeah. I’ll let me, let me expand on that racism a little bit. I, I just don’t see Mexican and cats ever needing to go to the vet in my mind. Just the way I have them judged.

Akira the Don: (12:36)
Well, this one’s gotta go the vet, cuz he’s gotta have his nuts chopped off. And this was a deal I did with the land lady. Like I’m I’m against chopping the nuts off of humans. Yes. In general. And I’m not really happy about it with regards to animals, neither. However, I dunno if you know about how much cats like bang, you know, how much banging cats too, but one cat can sire a million little cats, right? These street cats out here. Cause they just do so much banging. Right. They just rampage around the place banging. They break like cats out here is like rats in London, you know, in London, you, you only have three feet away from a rat. They say, here you are like, you’re less than that. Away from a cat. You look around, you start them everywhere. They’re be exhaust pipes and. They’re underneath cars. They’re like peering out trees. They are everywhere. The

Sevan Matossian: (13:20)

Akira the Don: (13:21)
What’s that?

Sevan Matossian: (13:22)
The exhaust pipe. Cat.

Akira the Don: (13:23)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Little, the little sausage, little exhaust pipe cat, just like peering out, you know? And you see like, you’ll see tribes of him, you know, once that look exactly the same, you like, I know which you came out of.

Sevan Matossian: (13:34)
Um, um, do, do you know about the cool effect?

Akira the Don: (13:38)
Tell me about the cool effect.

Sevan Matossian: (13:40)
Um, Calvin cool went to a huge government farm. Do you know the story?

Akira the Don: (13:44)

Sevan Matossian: (13:45)
Tell me it it’s related to banging. So basically he went, he went to, he went to this huge government farm in the United States that the government was subsidizing and him and the first lady Mrs. Cool were taking tours of the, it was massive. I wanna say it was like 50,000 acres. They had everything there, you know, cows, chickens, the whole growing, all that. And basically they separated them or giving them separate tours of the farm. And they took Mr. Uh, they took Mrs collage to see their, um, chickens. And they said, Mrs. Kage, this is our, uh, prize, uh, rooster. He has sex, uh, 50 times a day. And, and the first lady says, oh, please show that to the president. Um, Calvin Kage. And so later on they bring the president in and he comes in and they said, true, this is a true story. And they said, uh, uh, Mr. Kage, um, uh, the first lady wanted us to show you this, uh, rooster, he’s our prize rooster. He has sex 50 times a day. And the president said, uh, with the same chicken and the, they said, no, sir, 50 different chickens. And he said, oh, make sure you show that. Explain that to Mrs. COLAGE and hence the cool effect. And basically you can take pretty much any male

Sevan Matossian: (14:49)
Akira and the refractory period drops to zero. As long as you keep bringing in new women, new females of the species, I don’t even know if they have to be of the species.

Akira the Don: (14:59)
No, I don’t think

Sevan Matossian: (15:00)
I, you probably get a lion to hold down a goat and it. But, um, yeah, it’s, it’s the, the male, the male banging prowess is, is something it’s something else.

Akira the Don: (15:10)
Oh, well it’s, it’s the purpose.

Sevan Matossian: (15:12)

Akira the Don: (15:12)
It is that, which is to the purpose. Like everything else is periphery. Uh, you know, everything else is distraction. That’s the, that’s the, that’s the, that’s the cosmic point of it all.

Sevan Matossian: (15:24)
Yeah. It’s uh, I had, um, I had this, the guy who wrote, um, you know, the, um, what was the movie? The guy’s name is Ben Merick. He wrote the Facebook movie. He wrote the book that was, that was switched into the screenplay anyway, will not work. So I watched that movie recently and that that’s um, that’s the reason Zuckerberg started Facebook to get, to get pusy.

Akira the Don: (15:49)

Sevan Matossian: (15:49)
Why everyone, the

Akira the Don: (15:50)
That’s why everyone doest. That’s why the Beatles film, the Beatles, the sweater, the rolling stones fall, the rolling stone. That’s why mark Twain picked up a pan.

Sevan Matossian: (15:57)
But, but isn’t it funny? My mom, my mom has a Facebook account. She’s 78 years old, but this product that she’s using was developed for, um, a young man to go out and scour the world for pusy it’s just crazy.

Akira the Don: (16:09)
Yeah. That’s why everything needs to developed for,

Sevan Matossian: (16:11)
I know what I mean. Yes, yes,

Akira the Don: (16:13)
Yes. This, this, this, what we’re using right now is developed for, uh, for chicks to, to stick inside themselves on the internet too.

Sevan Matossian: (16:22)
I do this show to make money

Akira the Don: (16:24)
Magical innovations.

Sevan Matossian: (16:25)
Yes. I do this show to make money, to keep my

Akira the Don: (16:27)

Sevan Matossian: (16:28)
There you go. Oh, I’m gonna get in trouble for that.

Akira the Don: (16:30)
Yeah, you do. Well, this is it. You know what I mean? DACA will. And GWE war, uh, to protect everybody’s, you know what I mean? Like that’s what it’s all about. It’s it’s it’s about um,

Sevan Matossian: (16:41)
Wow. I like that. Um, so have you, you, you have a relationship with, uh, Jordan Peterson. He is also one of your instruments. Would that be fair to say

Akira the Don: (16:50)
He’s an excellent instrument. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian: (16:52)
Um, have you, have you interviewed Jocko?

Akira the Don: (16:56)
I’ve not interviewed Jocko. Uh, I’m working on Jocko’s the second Jocko album right now. Uh, I can, I will tell you exclusively that, uh, a new Jocko song comes out in like 10 days. Uh, so I might interview when the new album comes out,

Sevan Matossian: (17:11)
Has anyone have, has, has he reached, I’m surprised he hasn’t reached out to you? He seemed, we’ve

Akira the Don: (17:16)
Been in, we’ve been in touch. We, we, we communicate, but we just haven’t done a podcast. Um, yeah, so we, well, we, I was thinking the other day we should do one for this one and that would be a beautiful conversation. Uh, particularly now I’ve adapted more of his ways. You know what I mean? Like when I did, uh, the last album and there’s all these songs about doing burpees and, I didn’t even know what a burpy was. You what? I mean, I, I, I literally didn’t know what a burpy was. I thought that would be like some kind of like gas problem we would have from doing too many pushups or something. I don’t know.

Sevan Matossian: (17:46)
Sure. For sure. Yeah. Yeah,

Akira the Don: (17:48)
Yeah. But, uh, when I came out here to Mexico, uh, I was gonna a coffee shop, a beautiful coffee shop called fat rabbit. And I had a gym next to it or a box as they call them. And I’m watching all these people just like stepping my coffee and all these people like picking up heavy and jumping up and down. And, and there’s only so long, you can watch people jumping up and down, picking up heavy before you, you go do it as well, you know? Right. And like the only exercise, uh, I’d done prior to that really was just like DJing twice a day and jumping up and down and punching people in the head when they got too close to the booth or whatever. Right. Uh, that kind of vibes. And, um, it turned out this thing was a CrossFit class. I didn’t know what CrossFit was, but where into this thing. And after about 45 minutes, I had to go outside and stand in the middle of the road, just heaving, you know,

Sevan Matossian: (18:35)
Really. Oh, that’s awesome. Fantastic. And

Akira the Don: (18:37)
I was like, yo, this is epic. I haven’t felt this good since like, uh, Sox gave me these pills that they found inside a motorcycle hubcap that had been there since 1993. And, uh, it was like the same feel. It was like the feeling of like nineties ecstasy tablets, you know, I was like, holy. So I went back again the next day and I was out there heaving again. And after about a week, I wasn’t heating no more. You know what I mean? And I’ve been going five days a week ever since, and now I know what a bur is and, uh, it’s, it is a whole new world, you know? So, uh,

Sevan Matossian: (19:07)
A Kira, um, down below the, the guy with that, my mom says has the nice features, uh, Kayla beaver, he’s in the United he’s in the United States air force. I’m a, um, a, a Berkeley super, uh, liberal Nazi and, and our paths have crossed through, well, I’m reformed, I’m reformed, don’t worry. I’m reformed. Um, uh, and, um, and our paths crossed through burpees. Basically. We’re both just cross fitters. And because of that, um, Debbie

Akira the Don: (19:32)

Sevan Matossian: (19:33)
Yeah. We’re burpy bros. We were, we’re separated at, at, at birth, but the cosmic world brings all of us burpy people together eventually. And it’s, it’s interesting that, did you know that when, when I invited you on the show, did you know the,

Akira the Don: (19:43)
No, I had no, CrossFiters had no idea. And then I was looking at, and then I was looking at you up and I was like, oh, you did PR for them or something great. Or was it, or you, is that what we

Sevan Matossian: (19:50)
Don’t call it? We don’t call it at PR. Greg Glassby told we only make things that add value. Yes. Yes. That’s right. Spread the word, spread the truth.

Akira the Don: (20:00)
You did, uh, myth mytho, poetic storytelling for CrossFit.

Sevan Matossian: (20:04)

Akira the Don: (20:04)
Yes. Well is, well, you did a very good job cause it’s out here in Mexico. It’s like the thing,

Sevan Matossian: (20:10)
You know, I, I don’t work there anymore. I was fired, um, when the new regime came in, but when I was there, um, I, I was an executive there and I was extremely intimate with every, uh, KVA nook and cranny and one of the countries, I think maybe the only country that we didn’t possess the trademark in was Mexico. And it was a big problem Is a big problem because basically we couldn’t have any gyms there. I wanna say probably for the size it is and for how developed it is. It has the, it has the fewest CrossFit gyms, because people don’t wanna pay the $3,000 annual fee to, to keep the name and they don’t need to. And I think some guy in Mexico actually owns the name and he tried to like strong arm Greg and sell it to him for like 4 million bucks. And Greg just told Greg was, the founder, told him, needed dig.

Akira the Don: (20:55)
That’s crazy. The gym I go to doesn’t have CrossFit in the name of the gym. It’s called SIS. But they, what they do there is, is CrossFit. I was just, I would just want to get coffee with just now and they’re all there that I’m not usually up this early and they’re all there just jumping up and down going. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. And I really lucked out cause it’s apparently like the best, uh, CrossFit gym in Mexico. And people come from all over Mexico to train it and have competitions there. The competition recently, I went to, uh, the guy who runs it, Alan is the number one rank CrossFit guy in Mexico. And I just happened to walk into that gym out of all the gyms I could have wandered into. It was very crazy.

Sevan Matossian: (21:33)
I be, uh, uh, will you see if you can find that gym? I wanna see, and I wanna see, I wanna see where he lives on the map. Are you, you said, you said P Playa. Does that mean it’s near an ocean?

Akira the Don: (21:43)
Playa Del car? Yeah. Playa means beach.

Sevan Matossian: (21:46)
Oh, okay. And my am I’m. I live in, uh, I grew up in Berkeley and Oakland and Playa doesn’t mean beach play is something. It means you bang.

Akira the Don: (21:54)
Yo, last time I went to that place, I was, uh, I, I was playing a underwear party for like a sexy underwear brand. Right. And, uh, and my wife thought it’d be a good job to like, uh, save money on the hotel. So she booked me into a traveler. And, uh, you probably guess where the travel lodge was. Cuz my cab pulls up and I step out of the cab. I dunno if you ever saw the first episode of the walk in dead when he goes to Atlanta, uh, he kind of looks around him and from every angle there is a zombie sort of walking towards him slowly. It was like that there was a cracker coming at me from every angle. I went around in a full like circle like that and there was crackers, but they’re slow crackers. You know what I mean? So you can just avoid ’em real easy. Uh, yeah. Anyway, she put me in Tenderloin.

Sevan Matossian: (22:38)
Oh my goodness.

Akira the Don: (22:40)
Like, oh, this place is cheap. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian: (22:43)
Yeah. The, um, the, uh, I say it with all peace and love, but almost snow exaggeration. The they’re they’re just not the only thing they haven’t done yet is kill the Jews. But the Nazi regime has completely taken over San Francisco.

Akira the Don: (22:57)
Its feels it crazy.

Sevan Matossian: (22:58)
It is so bad over there.

Akira the Don: (22:59)
I was out there exactly this time, 10 years ago and I was playing uh, uh, isotope comics. I dunno if you know, comic stores, but there’s a comic store, famous comic store called isotope comics since

Sevan Matossian: (23:10)
On hate on hate.

Akira the Don: (23:12)
Yeah. And uh, yeah, I say on hate, I dunno if it is on hate actually it’s in, those are

Sevan Matossian: (23:17)
The only comic book stores I knew.

Akira the Don: (23:19)
Yeah. It’s a, it’s like a, it’s a famous one. It’s like one or loads. It always wins the awards for best comic store in California every year or whatever. Anyway, the difference between when I went there then, and when I went there, like year or two ago was, was profound. Yes. But it’s the same in Los Angeles. You know, I was in Los Angeles. I moved there. I was first out there in 2005, making a album with, with um, Danny saber in a converted Masonic lodge, uh, up on, um, not Mel. Where was it? Uh, upper hill. I can’t remember the name of it now it’ll come back to me. Uh, and then I moved there back there in like 20, 20 14 till 2020. And the difference between 2014 and 2020 was profound. I had a studio in downtown Los Angeles and I watched the neighbor, her to go from just being chill to skid row, just expanding and taking over everything.

Akira the Don: (24:10)
You know, there was a guy I came out in my studio one day and it’s so it’s just the cognitive dissonance of, of that place sometimes. So across the road from me, uh, there’s uh, a place called rare kicks, which is an expensive speaker store and KA would do is a launch. She’s their own. Right? So there’s a queue of people all around the block curing up and they’ve got deck chairs and out and they’re curing up to get these new sneakers on the other side of the road. Uh, there’s a woman in a little sort of like, I don’t know, Fri little sort of thing, sort of doing a, being filmed for an advert or something right in the middle of the road. There’s a guy just curling off giant dumps onto a piece of aluminum foil and then inspecting them.

Sevan Matossian: (24:52)
Oh well that’s nice that that’s nice that it’s not aluminum foil. I will say that. I give him,

Akira the Don: (24:55)
Yeah, I dunno why he was doing the Al fo he was putting him up. I dunno if he was gonna keep him to do something with him, you know what I mean? He’s in the middle of the road. I saw this guy multiple times. He’d stand in the middle of the road with his, with his, um, a bandage spraying into the oncoming traffic. Just daring them to run him over, you know,

Sevan Matossian: (25:11)
How dare. And did you recognize that as art,

Akira the Don: (25:14)
Huh? Yeah. I mean, could you could call that art, right. One definition of, of art is anything that, uh, falls outside of the realm of survival. So if it isn’t direct survival, like, you know, protecting, uh,

Sevan Matossian: (25:27)

Akira the Don: (25:29)
Then you could say that that’s art. Some people say that I think postmodern is say that. I think people who wanna excuse like dreadful paintings use that, but I understand how you could go along with that line of thinking.

Sevan Matossian: (25:41)
Um, it’s I, I just wanna say something in case anyone got hung up on my, my just huge disdain for, for the left, where I come from it’s this, and it’s not that I’m hugely for the right, but I just wanna tell you, like, I just can’t be part of the party. That’s um, that’s hurting so many people, but here are the two things they’ve been doing the same thing for, for a hundred years and they haven’t changed and they’re getting the same results. They always are getting, been getting the same

Akira the Don: (26:05)
West results, I would say.

Sevan Matossian: (26:06)
Yes. Well, yes, thank

Akira the Don: (26:07)
You. It it’s eroding. And it is. I mean, we’re not bit by big. There’s been this crazy escalation over the past decade where it’s wildly worse than it was same policies, same party, all that, but wildly worse within the, between 2012 and 2022.

Sevan Matossian: (26:22)
And, and there’s a Dallas principle here that you really, that people really have to understand. You think you’re, you’re raised to believe that the Democrats and the liberals are for the poor and the Republicans are for the rich, but, but, but it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s misspeak. It’s that the Democrats want there to be poor and the Republicans want there to be rich. And so the Democrats sustain, they sustain that. They are the people at the restaurant who feed the seagulls while you’re trying to eat. It’s complete. They don’t give a about anyone. They just want to feed the seagulls And it’s, it’s not cool. It’s not cool. And so the seagulls descend on your city and they on everything. It’s not,

Akira the Don: (27:05)
They just wanna feed the seagulls as a brilliant name for like a, like a emo band or something.

Sevan Matossian: (27:11)
I give it to you. I give it to you form.

Akira the Don: (27:13)
Basically, if you wanna form an emo band,

Sevan Matossian: (27:15)
They, they misunderstand helping people.

Akira the Don: (27:18)
Well, I dunno if they do the, uh, George Orwell’s observation was the, uh, the socialists. They, he encountered in London who claimed to be on the side of the poor, uh, hated the rich far more than they loved the poor. So all their efforts went into sort of like dragging down rather than lifting up.

Sevan Matossian: (27:37)
Yes, yes. You know? Yes. And that is the, the Democrats base their identity on hating the Republicans. I don’t know if the Republicans base the, their identity on hating Democrats. Maybe they do.

Akira the Don: (27:45)
No, that’s not really my observation. No, it’s, uh, not in America. Things are different in different parts of the world, but in America, the pure VI saying that it was the same in Britain. I remember now I was raised as a little socialist, like by Billy. My parents used to listen to Billy brag records and there is power and union and all that sort of thing. And I was by program.

Sevan Matossian: (28:04)
I wish I could hug you or both reform. You were raised as a list

Akira the Don: (28:07)

Sevan Matossian: (28:07)
We could hug and be like, wasn’t it ho

Akira the Don: (28:09)
Horrible. Oh, I thought money was very well. I thought you, they just program used to be poor and, and, and resentful and bitter forever, right?

Sevan Matossian: (28:16)
Yes, yes, yes. Resent rich people.

Akira the Don: (28:18)
Yeah. And you, we would talk that the, uh, the right wing party in Britain is the Tory party and they’re referred to as Tory SKU.

Akira the Don: (28:27)
And I was just taught from birth that they were evil, that they were evil and they wanted, uh, everybody dead and the other party were goody goodies and they wanted to lift up poor people. And then you kind of like, yeah, you get a bit older and you, you pay attention. You look at things. You’re like, oh, that’s not actually what was going on at all. Now I’m not saying that the, uh, sort a lovely da da, but this comical portrayal of goody goodies and bad baddies, and that’s led to our current predicament. Cause our current predicament has us in this situation where you are taught from birth that, you know, right. Is bad and far right. Is very, very bad. And you thought the left is goody goody. So far left must be goody goody, goody, goody goody. Yes.

Sevan Matossian: (29:06)

Akira the Don: (29:07)
You know what I mean? And that’s, that’s a big problem we have and kids are just, you know, and the they’re right. A very, very bad at, uh, branding and marketing and stuff of that nature. So they just seem to be able to fix these problems. Uh, cuz they’re all problems of perception and branding and um, you know, Gus wrote all this stuff under a long time ago and you can just go on, uh, I was on it yesterday. There’s a brilliant one of those quote websites and it’s called like inspirational quote.com. And I found Gus page, Gus has a page on like inspirational quote.com for it. And it’s just all this stuff about, you know, the glory of like, uh, how’s brainwash people and what, what socialism really is. And as socialists, this is what we’re doing. So all these quotes, you never hear like Gus of the nasty party as socialists at what we are doing is this da da. Anyway, um,

Speaker 7: (29:57)
When I first, one of the first times I saw.

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